Confirmation Class

2017 Confirmation Class

On Easter Sunday, the 2017 Confirmation Class was confirmed during worship services.  This photo shows the confirmands and their covenant partners after the service.

The class was an amazing journey with Dr. Dan, Rev. Jill, Matthew Zold and their covenant partners.   During their time together, they studied The Father: God the Creator; The Son: The Gospels; and The Holy Spirit: Life of the Church.  In addition, they each participated in leading worship on Sunday.  Each confirmand performed service work with their covenant partner.  The Soup Kitchen, Hartsville Interfaith Ministry, Carolina Kids and Habitat for Humanity are just some of the charities in Hartsville that benefited from their efforts.  Other confirmands organized projects such as picking up trash along the highway and donating clothes to a children’s shelter.  During these efforts, the class learned about missions and how FPC supports these organizations and others.