Habitat for Humanity


In the past, FPC members have volunteered to do a specific job – insulation, painting, roofing – on a Habitat for Humanity home in either Hartsville or Darlington.  In 2010, this effort was expanded. During the week of June 28th, the Mission Committee and the Service Committee of FPC joined forces to start building a home located on Myrtle Street in Hartsville.  At the end of the week, the home was “dried in” – the exterior walls had doors and windows and the roof had shingles.  The FPC team then painted the interior; installed the interior doors, the kitchen cabinets, the trim, and the appliances; and landscaped the yard.  This work was done in a series of Saturday work days. On Feb 4th, 2011, FPC received word that the house passed the final inspection by Darlington County and is ready for the new home owner.  On February 27th, 2011 at 3 pm, the home was dedicated and turned over to the new owner.

In 2011, FPC helped finish a home on Heatley Rd a few blocks from Myrtle St. In May of 2012, the owner of this home was presented with the keys. Go here to see photos of a typical work day.

In August of 2012, FPC started work on a home at 1217 Myrtle St.  Go here to see the finished home.  Also there are photos of FPC providing lunch for the volunteer group from Lewinsville Presbyterian Chruch (Lewinsville, Md.).

In 2013, FPC finished a home on Heatley Rd.  Here are some photos of this effort.

In 2014, the Habitat team at FPC worked on a house under construction at 1001 Hampton St in Hartsville.  It was finished in Oct, 2014.

The project in 2015 for the FPC team is to refurbish a home at 1409 Heatley Rd.  Click here to see the photos.

In 2016, FPC is completing the interior work on a home in Promise Acres.

Lawrence+Dave july

Installing kitchen cabinets


To learn more about Habitat for Humanity, visit the local website: www.darcohabitat.org

You can also visit the International Habitat for Humanity site at: www.habitat.org