Thornwell Mission Trip 2014

The following members did an outstanding job at Thornwell the week of June 9th: Cecelia Brown, Lou Norment, Mac Folsom, Steve Klausmeier, Dave Roseveare, Dan Sansbury, Phil Dixon, Alan Norwood, Jay Davis, Dick Porter and Johnny Williams. Harriett, who got us started working at Thornwell two years ago, could not come with us this trip but sent lots of food. Thanks Harriett! The big project was roofing a 96′ x 32′ building with metal roofing. This job took all of Monday and Tuesday to complete. It was sunny and hot and required lots of bottled water. Wednesday and Thursday we built a stage, wired with electricity, in the Activity Center and cleaned out gutters. Some of the gutters had little trees growing out of them. The kids and Activity Director were very excited about the stage. They have plans to use it for puppet shows and karaoke. We took a vote to determine the most important member on the trip and the unanimous choice was Cecelia Brown. She fed us like you would not believe. She even packed us a sandwich for the trip home. Thank you FPC for supporting and making this trip possible!

Best Day, Dick Porter

Start of the Job

Just over half way done.

The LAST panel!