Dedicated on October 28, 2007, The Prayer Garden is a consecrated place for the interment of cremated remains thereby carrying on the tradition of burial on church grounds. With 108 columbarium niches, areas for the scattering of ashes, beautiful landscaping and room for expansion, it provides a lasting memorial to all interred therein. The Prayer Garden also provides a quiet and dignified place for meditation and prayer.

Cremation and Christian Belief

Christians know God to be Lord of both life and death and trust in Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection. In death, they commit their bodies to the earthly finality expressed in the words “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” in the sure and certain hope of God’s power to raise them to new and everlasting life. Cremation is an appropriate Christian means of caring for the body once one has died. It is also a matter of the good and faithful stewardship to which we have been entrusted.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is an assembly of niches designed to house urns containing cremated remains. “Columbarium” is the Latin word for dovecote, a structure with small compartments for nesting doves. The word also came to be used to describe places where Christians gathered for prayer. It is the origin of our English word for chapel.


Current and former members of First Presbyterian Church, their immediate families (wife, husband, parents and children), present and former FPC pastors, and employees are eligible to be interred in The Prayer Garden. Others with family connections or valid ties to FPC may be considered.


Donation Schedule

The donation schedule follows and is subject to change:

Single Niche


Double Niche


Scattering of Ashes



Securing Space in Columbarium

To secure space in the columbarium, one should obtain a Request for Interment from the church office. Niche selection is on a first-come, first-served basis. A Certificate of Agreement will be issued upon satisfying all donation requirements.

Scattering of Ashes

Members whose ashes are scattered in The Prayer Garden will be remembered with a name plate on the memorial wall plaque. A living spouse who also wishes to have their ashes scattered may reserve space on the plaque next to his/her loved one by making an additional donation. A name plate will be procured and installed after the person’s death.

Loved Ones Interred Elsewhere

For members wishing to memorialize loved ones with a FPC connection whose remains are interred elsewhere, the memorial wall plaques are available on which the person’s name, dates of birth and death, and place of interment will be displayed. A donation of $250 covers the name plate and helps offset the cost and installation of the plaques. All donations help with perpetual care. A living spouse can secure a name plate next to his/her loved one by making a donation now. A name plate will be procured and installed after the person’s death.

Management & Maintenance

The Prayer Garden Committee is responsible for all records of interment, plaques and installation, utilization of funds, overall maintenance, and perpetual care. A set of "policies & procedures" approved by the Session guides the committee in the operation of The Prayer Garden. These "policies & procedures" are available upon request.


For more information about our Prayer Garden and Columbarium, please contact Bill Morrison at 843.260.6946 or morrisonsc@roadrunner.com.